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Патчи под глаза 24 K GOLD EYE PATCHES FOR EYE 60 GB/ 180 G

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Eye treatment 24 k Gold mask 60 pcs/ 180 g.


Eye treatment 24 k Gold mask 60 pcs/ 180 g.
Show the world your true radiant inner beauty with a 24K Gold Eye Treatment Mask. Saturated with 24k gold for deep skin hydration
and repair, the convenient Gold Eye Mask is bursting with enough serum to spread over your under eye area.
Each of our masks overflows with some of Nature's most effective active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and gold. Polypeptides in
our eye masks break down the active ingredients to penetrate the lower skin layers for deep healing and rejuvenation, while gold
nanoparticles promote collagen production. Your skin will continue to heal itself even after you remove the product.
This brilliant age-defying technology harnesses the power of gold to hydrate, firm and lift the delicate skin around your eyes. Our 24K
Gold Eye Treatment Mask treats dryness, puffiness and redness with all the healing properties of the precious metal.
Function- with dark circles after staying up late, fine lines on eye skin, saggy of eye skin, badly pouch under the eyes.
1. Made with 100% natural ingredients gentle and not stimulate.
2. Work effectively.
3. Quality assurance.
4. Preservative-free.
5. With Variously natural plant extracts.
6. Produced by factory with FDA qualifications.
7. Without any animal test.
8. With new formula, could effectively solve common eye problems.
9. Fresh and natural, will not be greasy.
How to use: Cleaning up your face and wait it to dry. Apply 2 pieces eyemask under your eyes. Remove the under eye mask after 20
mins. Gently massage the eye area until essence is fully absorbed by the skin.
How to store: The eye mask should be keep in cool and dry place, please avoid the direct sunlight and deviate from any high
temperature, keep out of reach and children.


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